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This is a flash game made by Splapp-Me-Do as well as the The Impossible Quiz`s series first significant instalment. It is typically offered as a game of queries and answers. Mostly a player will be given a task and four clickable choices whereby one will be the correct one. It is not that simple, most queries have double meanings. Also, there are lots of surprises through the game like mazes, mini-games, which will require the player to have proper skills as well as reflexes and also there is a question where one must have insane logic.

The Impossible Quiz game has simple rules whereby you are offered three lives and every time you make a mistake, you lose a life. If you lose all lives, the game is over for you. There are 110 questions which you must answer correctly on one occasion without any checkpoints in-between. While playing, you will be offered green power-ups skips shaped like arrows that allow you to skip specific questions. However, the skips are of no use technically since you have to save each of them to beat the 110th query which is the last one.

Beware of bombs on specific questions. They have a timer for 1-11 seconds, and if you do not beat the question before the timeout, the game is over for you. Answers in red show that the question has a bomb and the bolded red writing beside it shows the bomb`s timer. Also when the digit is in quotes, it means the bomb will not terminate the game after the timeout. The Impossible Quiz is quite challenging though many players have managed to beat the last question eventually.

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